Going to New Orleans NFA next week?

We are, and we are blown away by Karl-Heinz Schütz, Solo Flute Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra!  He will be playing for us on his Muramatsu flute Friday Aug 9, come join us!    

Gearing up for the NFA in New Orleans next month!

Come visit us at the convention, and be sure to stop by our Exhibitor’s Showcase Friday 8/9 with our special guest performer Karl-Heinz Schütz, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, with introduction and comments on Nicolet by our esteemed colleague from Muramatsu Inc, Japan, Hiroshi Aoki!

NFA Photos!

Thanks for a wonderful convention in Charlotte, NC. See you next year at the Muramatsu America booth in Las Vegas! Ervin Monroe President of Muramatsu America