We provide Appraisals as well as Fair Market Value Estimates for Muramatsu flutes.


Appraisals are considered ‘replacement value estimates.’ We provide a quote, i.e. the cost to replace your lost, stolen or damaged flute with a new one of comparable standards. This information is helpful for insuring your Muramatsu flute. We take into consideration the model as well as options you may have selected. The information below is required, and quotes are provided based upon this information without the need to send the flute itself into Muramatsu America. An appraisal is NOT the value that the owner is expected to receive for selling a flute (please see Fair Market Value, below).

All Appraisals require:

Fair Market Value

Fair Market Value is a quote for the expected re-sale value of a flute. We also provide these estimates. This quote requires that the flute be delivered to our staff for detailed inspection which allows us the determine the condition of the instrument, needed repairs, etc.

All Fair Market Value estimates require:

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