14K Gold

From $29,500


Muramatsu flutes of gold and platinum stand in a class all their own. These are the most revered and sought-after flutes in the world. Muramatsu flutes made of 9k, 14k, 18k, 24k and those ever-rarer instruments made of platinum represent the ultimate instruments. Each one receives many, many hours of hand work.

The precision and mastery of workmanship put into the making of each instrument is reflected in every beautiful phrase expressed by the performer.

Solid gold body and headjoint with solid silver keys are standard on gold flutes. Hand engraving is an option on gold flutes, and standard on all solid platinum instruments.

“The handmade silver Muramatsu flutes are for a lifetime, but a handmade gold or platinum Muramatsu flute is for an eternity”.

  • Solid Gold Headjoint and Body
  • Solid Silver Keys
  • Open hole, B foot, silver keys includes C# trill, inline or offset G, D# roller
  • Engraved D# key
Options (see pricelist page for options pricing):
  • Split E mechanism, inline or offset G
  • C# trill, and Split E together, offset G only
  • Tsubasa headjoint
  • Engraved headjoint
  • Factory Engraved
  • 14k with 9k or 14k keys special order
  • Closed hole and C foot special order.
  • 18K and 24K gold flutes available by special order, prices available upon request.

Purchase includes the flute, professional case and case cover. Flutes sold by Muramatsu America, or an authorized dealer, come with a certificate of authenticity. A lifetime warranty is offered on all structural components. All Muramatsu Flutes made for Muramatsu America are stamped MA on the ribbing, assuring our customers that their flute was made in Japan for Muramatsu America and legally imported. All prices subject to change.

Flutes purchased directly from Muramatsu America are provided with a new owner kit as well as a written one year warranty on service and adjustments.

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