Pre-owned & Demo

Pre-owned flutes are instruments that have been previously-owned by a customer.

Demo flutes are instruments never previously-owned that have been utilized as demo flutes at trade shows or events by Muramatsu America.

ST#17819 pre-owned Solid silver, Open Hole, Bfoot, Inline G, Wing Lip (overhauled 5/15) $3,600
ST #21072 pre-owned Solid silver, Open Hole, Bfoot, inline G (overhauled 1-13) $3,300
DS#62934 pre-owned Open Hole, Bfoot, Heavy Wall, C# trill, Inline G D# roller $8,000
DS#73707 pre-owned Open Hole, Bfoot, C# trill, Inline G, D# roller $6,250
DS#77792 demo Open Hole, Bfoot, C# Trill, Inline G, D# roller $8,100
SR#60637 pre-owned Open Hole, Bfoot, Inline G, D# roller, all engraved $10,000



Model Production Description
Standard pre 1981 Solid Silver
AD 1981-2003 Solid Silver
DN pre 1981-2003 Solid Silver, no adjustment screws
DS current (from 2003) Solid Silver
EX current Solid Silver Head, Silver-Clad (plated) Body and Keys
GX current Solid Silver Head and Body, Silver-Clad (plated) Keys
SR current Solid Silver with Soldered Tone-holes
PTP current Solid Silver with Platinum-Cladding (plated)